Overcoming Cultural Differences in an Intercultural Marriage


Learning about one another’s beliefs, respecting holidays, and accepting each other’s values are crucial to the success of an interfaith relationship. Cultural and religious perspectives on “what’s fair” also must be considered. Because of their cultural and/or religious upbringing, some diverse clients may not fully understand that they have a right to certain assets acquired during the marriage because of a perception that they did not make a financial contribution to the marital enterprise. The opposite is also true — the notion that the higher-income spouse does not have any legal exposure to be ordered by a Court to contribute Asian wife mail order to the support of his or her spouse and/or to divide marital assets. Some cultures, to this day, still do not view physical and/or emotional abuse perpetrated by a spouse as acts of domestic violence.

  • Many researchers today reference Hofstede’s index when classifying countries as individualistic or collectivist.
  • Provide a Career Day in our practicum sequence prepares students for practice contexts, CV/résumé building, professional organizations, and licensure/credentialing processes.
  • People’s ways of knowing are a product of a consensual validation process within the various social systems they engage in such as their family, community, and country.
  • At the same time, some couples — particularly those in intercultural and cross-cultural relationships — get involved in online couples therapy or relationship coaching because they have further to go in bridging the gap.

Network with professionals who handle family therapy with medical issues. Courses emphasize your understanding of the moral-values-spiritual dimensions of your life and how these interact with your clients’ lives. This MFT program trains within a faithfully Christian context that respects a diversity of spiritual explorations. Our faculty and staff hold a Christian faith commitment; students are free to share any religious perspective or none at all. A strong self-of-the-therapist orientation undergirds the MFT program as well as the ORCA stance, a theological and multiculturally valuing exploration of persons through open, respectful, curious, and accountable social interactions.

So, choosing a culturally sensitive therapist to guide you on your journey can lead to more positive therapeutic outcomes for you. In 2002, UNFPA set out to work in a more culturally sensitive manner so as to achieve better and more sustainable results with its programming. UNFPA applies these principles to some of the most sensitive and intimate spheres of human existence — including sexuality, reproductive health and gender. Its effectiveness depends, on part, on its ability to understand the cultural dynamics of the communities it works with.

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Raj, who represents India , says the family feels it is their right to be involved in the decision as to whom a family member weds. As for divorce, families are strongly against https://avinashtechno.com/30000-russian-woman-pictures-download-free-images-on-unsplash/ it, because they believe it brings shame upon the family. Physical abuse would be one reason for divorce, but, in the Punjabi culture, emotional abuse or adultery are not necessarily good reasons. Here we see a stark contrast to what Laura said, because, in the Indian culture, much emphasis is placed on keeping the honor of the family name over one’s own needs. This goes back to Toth & Kemmelmeier’s study that noted self-sacrifice as a reason for marriages staying together in collective countries; this is what Raj emphasized when he said that individuals should work through it, or live with it. There has been much research conducted on attitudes towards marriage, but not so much on attitudes towards divorce.

It is similar to a compromise and works to respect the client’s culture of origin and needs. The flexibility may prioritize the client’s culture and empower the client to choose what is workable. Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. Men have long been silent and stoic about their inner lives, but there’s every reason for them to open up emotionally—and their partners are helping. With that as our glimpse into heaven and eternity, we should be moved to embrace diversity on earth, here and now. You may become more inclined to notice subtleties and nuance after spending time together. And to be aware of other people’s goodness in a way that you hadn’t been before.

In Brazil, nearly 6% of the population, which is mostly black, live in favelas (slums or shantytowns located within or on the outskirts of the country’s large cities) and are exposed to social and environmental vulnerability with poor access to water and employment, among other needs . Socio-spatial inequality determines the patterns of Brazilian cities and the disposition of housing conditions, which limit adherence to the health policy of social isolation. This accumulation of disadvantages represents structural risks for any health condition, which has resulted in high prevalence of many neglected diseases in these vulnerable areas in Brazil. In many Nigerian cultures, certain cosmological viewpoints suggest that fate determines diseases and ill health and that these are independent of science and human actions .

Cultural sensitivity definition

You will earn a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University that combines innovative teaching and pioneering research in a highly collaborative environment that fosters clinical excellence. As a student, you will enjoy a unique educational experience, training with expert therapists in an experiential learning environment. Your learning experience will give you the knowledge and skills you need for a career in strengthening and healing families from all walks of life. They will listen to learn, understand, and respect your background, ethnicity, and belief systems. We believe that knowing how your family and culture affected you growing up can make all the difference in understanding who you are today. Culturally sensitive therapy is a unique therapeutic approach for people of color , minority, or multicultural individuals.

This essay suggests the use of responsive evaluation as a theoretically consistent methodology for creating and evaluating culturally responsive therapies. This approach rigorously evaluates each unique client/therapist context, culture, power, needs, and beliefs. We describe responsive evaluation and discuss how each component addresses the research needs of examining culturally responsive family therapies. A case illustration is offered delineating the process of conducting culturally responsive therapy with a Cambodian sample using solution-focused and narrative therapy.

This identity was found to be central to how well the couple functions and the resulting satisfaction that partners have with their marriage at post therapy and gains made post therapy were significantly related to outcome at 2 year follow up (Reid et al., 2006). Details of the therapy and explanation of we-ness are published elsewhere (Reid et al, 2006; 2008). The psychotherapist develops a great deal of self sensitivity so as to not inadvertently impose culturally based ways of construing. To counter that risk, the psychotherapist normally takes an agnostic attitude that puts the client as the expert and constantly draws out the client’s ways of understanding so that the psychotherapist is learning from the client. The dialectical qualities of psychotherapist learning from the client helps greatly for the therapeutic alliance to move forward and in tune with the cultural nuances so critical to the client’s therapeutic progress. Some of that increasing awareness of cultural difference may impede the therapy process not because of the client alone, but because culturally naïve therapists are not aware of their own difference in an interpersonally empathic way.

Some diverse clients believe these acts should not be disclosed to a third party, let alone an attorney. In other cultures, it is considered disrespectful and again frowned upon by the community to say anything negative about one’s spouse. In these communities, a cause of action on fault grounds, although truthful, may not be acceptable to the diverse client. Thus, it is important for diverse clients to be asked the right questions to elicit information about physical and/or emotional abuse, and other issues that will impact the course of the litigation and the protections that must be considered. An understanding of the norms and values of different cultures is important in order to develop a pragmatic plan for separation or divorce of diverse clients. For example, while it is well-known that domestic violence occurs among people of all races and cultures, the disclosure and prosecution https://sitinfo.com.br/ukraine-dating-site-targets-foreign-men-with-facebook-ads-amid-russias-war/ of domestic violence have underlying consequences unique to diverse clients.

I have found that cultural differences do not have to lead to arguments as long as there is compromise on both sides. Inter-cultural marriages can be successful if both parties negotiate,and respect one another’s differences. But inter-faith marriages can never be successful, if at least one of the spouses is serious about his/her religion, as he/she will think himself/herself to be on the right path and will be worried that his/her spouse is one the way to destruction in the hereafter.

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